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Why invest in Hedge Funds

Superior Returns

Hedge Funds have outperformed all mainstream markets over the past 20 years.

  • Hedge Funds generate positive returns for their investors, regardless of the overall market conditions, in both good and bad markets.
  • Investing in Hedge Funds in 2000 would have returned 2x the value of the most popular ETFs, like US equities.
Hedge Funds Returns

Lower Risk

Despite common misconception, Hedge Fund investing comes with much lower risk than conventional ETFs.

  • Over the past 20 years, Hedge Funds have shown almost 3x lower volatility compared to both public and private markets.
  • Hedge Funds’ performance is uncorrelated to market cycles, which means that your investment is less vulnerable to sharp market crashes and ups & downs.
Hedge Funds Risk

Invest in Daedalus Top Performers

Our Strict Due Diligence

You can invest directly in top-performing Hedge Funds on the Daedalus Platform. Our exhaustive due diligence process brings you only the ones that add real value to your portfolio. We focus on 4 main criteria:

  • Returns
  • Risk
  • Investment Team
  • Trust

The Top 5 Hedge Funds of the Daedalus Platform dwarf multi-asset ETFs and HF indices, to offer consistent, better returns, with lower risk.

Daedalus top funds

Daedalus Portfolios

If you are too busy to select individual funds, we offer 3 carefully designed Hedge Fund Portfolios, to match your preferences and risk appetite.

Low Risk


Expected Returns



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Multi-Asset Focus

Long/Short Exposure

Equities Correlation-0.1

Bonds Correlation0.02



Expected Returns



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Multi-Asset Focus

Long/Short Exposure

Equities Correlation-0.5

Bonds Correlation0.1



Expected Returns



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Multi-Asset Focus

Long/Short Exposure

Equities Correlation-0.4

Bonds Correlation0.1

What we Offer

Until now, access to top-performing hedge funds has been exclusive to institutional and Ultra-high-net-worth investors, who could afford minimum tickets of $1,000,000 and long lock-in periods. Top-1% investors allocate part of their portfolios to hedge funds, to boost returns, reduce overall risk and build their wealth over time.

We believe private investors have the right to participate in hedge fund investing.

$1,000 Min Investment

Forget the high initial capital requirements and start investing from just $1,000.

20' Signup to Investment

From sign up to KYC and digital document signing, complete the process in 20'.

Top Hedge Funds

Through in-depth research we select hedge funds with high returns, low risk & rock-star teams.

Track your Investments

Track investment value, performance statistics & receive updates from fund managers.

Portfolio Formation Tool

Our portfolio formation tool helps you compare different allocations for optimal portfolio construction.

Secondary Market

You can redeem or sell your investments through Daedalus, to unlock liquidity even on a daily basis.

How it works

Explore Hedge Funds

Evaluate funds' track record and detailed performance statistics. Use our proprietary portfolio construction tool to compare the performance of different allocations and find the one that best matches your needs. Choose from a variety of different hedge funds, based on their:

  • Asset focus - Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Credit, Macro, etc.
  • Investment method - systematic/algorithmic or discretionary
  • Overall exposure - directional or long-short.

Want a fast and reliable solution? Invest in the Daedalus top-5 portfolio.

Explore Funds

Make an Investment

Select the fund that matches your preferences and decide the amount you want to invest. Complete the:

  • Identity verification and AML check
  • Brief suitability questionnaire to make sure the investment is appropriate for your profile
  • Signing of subscription form

From signup to subscription form signing, takes just 20’, through a fully digital experience. After successful completion of the investment, investors receive a digital token that represents beneficial ownership of the investment.


Track your portfolio

Track the total value of your portfolio and the performance of each of your individual investments:

  • Gain access to advanced return and risk metrics. Compare investment value with mainstream markets and benchmarks of your choice.
  • Upload investments made outside of the Daedalus platform, to monitor the performance of your total portfolio, through your Daedalus portal.
  • Receive fund updates, monthly Net Asset Valuations, factsheets and market commentary from your fund managers.
  • Create a virtual portfolio to test investments you are considering to make.
Track Portfolio

Redeem and trade

You can get all or part of your investments back through:

  • Direct redemption from the fund, according to the terms specified on each hedge fund’s profile. Notice periods for redemptions vary, usually, from 1 to 3 months.
  • Selling your investments in Daedalus secondary market. Specify the price at which you are willing to sell or accept one of the available offers to buy your investments.
  • Trade your investments in secondary markets or private transactions, outside of the Daedalus platform.
Redeem & Trade

Frequently Asked Questions

Hedge funds are investment funds that use sophisticated trading strategies to make a profit regardless of the overall market conditions, for their investors. In contrast to mutual funds, hedge funds do not track a particular index, but instead aim to produce positive returns (alpha) in both good and bad market conditions, by using strict risk-management techniques and identifying opportunities across various asset classes and jurisdictions.

A common misconception is that hedge funds are riskier than stocks or ETFs. However, over the past 20 years, hedge funds have had almost 3 times lower risk than major markets, like US stocks. Hedge funds are also uncorrelated to the overall market, which means that they are less vulnerable to large market crashes.

Daedalus Hedge Funds are generally available to high-net-worth, sophisticated investors or investors who can demonstrate a good understanding of the risks involved in such investments. If you are a non-professional investor, we will ask you a few questions, to make sure the investment you are interested in is suitable for your investor profile.

Daedalus is not a fund, but an investment platform. Daedalus selects third-party hedge fund, after an exhaustive due-diligence process on the fund’s performance and investment team. We provide the technology and legal setup to administer your investments and enable you to invest in these funds with very low tickets, but we make no investment decisions ourselves.

When evaluating a hedge fund, we focus on 4 key areas:

  • Good Performance - as every investor, we require Daedalus hedge funds to generate very good and consistent returns.
  • Low Risk – we require hedge funds to have low volatility and very low correlation to mainstream markets, to avoid sudden market crashes.
  • Investment team – we require a hedge fund’s investment team to have long, proven and demonstrable experience in the financial markets.
  • Regulatory Authorization – we require fund managers to be regulated by the relevant authorities (eg. FCA in the UK, SEC in the US) and comply with the EU Directive for Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMD).

Yes. All hedge fund managers that are listed on the Daedalus platform are regulated by the relevant regulatory authorities (eg. FCA in the UK, SEC in the US) and comply with the EU Directive for Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMD). You can find this information on each fund’s profile.

Both! You can either select the funds you prefer or invest in the Daedalus Top-5 Portfolio. Investors can browse all the hedge funds we offer and select any of them that match their preferences. You can choose to invest just in one fund or create a portfolio of the funds you prefer. After the investment, we help you track the value of your individual funds and total portfolio.

There are two ways you can get your investment capital back. You can either redeem your investment directly from the fund, according to each fund’s predefined notice period, or you can transfer your investment to another investor through the Daedalus platform, at the price you define. Daedalus is automating both processes.

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